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Does your grad have a plan to find a job?

If not, you may be interested in the dynamic seminar, "I've got the degree... now what?" A dynamic seminar with a 100% approval rating and ongoing support for all who attend, "I've got the degree..." is an indispensable tool for new grads. Click here to get the full description of the seminar.
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UStoWork, INC

What is UStoWork, and how does it help your business? UStoWork, Inc. serves a wide¬† range of employers; public, non-profit and governmental organizations.       We assist organizations by: Direct Hire Recruitment Training and Professional Development Skill Assessment and Career Planning On-site Company Support Whether it's Job Search Skills Training, Recruiting Talent, Professional Development…
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US to Work Knows about your company’s Growing Pains…

... we're going through them too! We've expanded our list of services so much that our old website couldn't hold them all. Our seasoned website staff is building a new site to showcase all the tools that UStoWork brings to businesses. Our great new tools are time sensitive, and we wanted to make sure that…
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