Greg Carson, an Employer Solutions Associate at UStoWork, Inc. is an experienced human services and workforce specialist. He has advocated for clients with barriers to self-sufficiency, including mental health issues, substance abuse history, former felons and those lacking job skills and stable work histories.

Greg has led a team of 15 providing services in the busy Murtis H. Taylor Multi-Service Center, in Cleveland, Ohio.

While working as a Career Specialist in the Career Advantage Program, for Spectrum of Supportive Services, a contract agency of CCMHB, Greg assessed participants for barriers to self-sufficiency, including mental health, in a Cuyahoga County Neighborhood Family Service Center. It was also the responsibility of the Career Specialist to link the participant to the most appropriate community provider as determined by the assessment. Working with a team of Career Specialists’ and Director, Carol Howlett, the Career Advantage team collaborated with the WeatherHead School of Management to produce one of the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area’s first comprehensive provider resource reference books.

Greg has won many outstanding employee of the year awards and he holds a Master Degree in Education, with a concentration in Clinical Counseling.