Ever had so many visions, hopes, and goals for success that your passions get tangled and stalled sometimes?
It’s okay, those are signs of an achiever.
My name is Zinga Hart and I help untangle your business goals, problems, and solutions to ensure your enterprise is steered on a path to success. Small business owners, non-profit directors, and career-preneurs work with me because I patiently take in the full scope of their situation and deliver solutions that delightfully deliver results.

My M.Ed. in Higher Education & Student Personnel honed in my expertise on subjects such as organizational development, career construction, business administration, and marketing. Over the past ten years, I’ve specialized as a brand cultivator on a mission to ensure your brand reflects your authentic business core allowing every person you connect with to know the priceless value you deliver.
Connect with me for:

    • Strategic marketing consultation
    • Small business brand development
    • Online brand development
    • Social media strategic planning
    • Social media marketing services
    • Success training for workforce (leadership, time management, and project management)




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