Zinga is a principal consultant at Cultivated Visions, primarily responsible for developing digital content for adults in her local area. With a master’s in Higher Education Administration with a focus on adult learning and development, Zinga brings a plethora of experience that hits on many principal dynamics of success in instructional design and pedagogy for the workforce ready learner.

Past projects have included the development of a curriculum for adult women for a non-profit organization. The learning objectives of the curriculum included teaching women goal setting, strategic planning skills, and business development skills. By the end of the first two years of the workshop six of out 15 women went on to write a business plan or start their business.

Another training was for a higher-education institution. This content included diversity training for new graduate assistants responsible for teaching new freshmen students. Topics covered: Managing Difficult Conversations in the Classroom, Having Healthy Political Discussions, and Responding to Students with Physical or Mental Health issues. The training session interwove institutional policies with classroom teaching best practices. The content was further developed to be placed completely online using the BlackBoard Learning Management System and similar tools.

A final relevant project example is for customer training for a completely remote software as a service company that provides software services for local, national, and international event rental businesses. One specific charge she had was to revamp online training documents that new and existing customers use to learn the software. She developed new written content that moved the help documents from expository to more instructional language. Then she create video and other visual content to further explain any complex processes when it came to using the software. As a further tool she developed specific training materials for the internal support team to use when providing on-call or chat customer support.

Zinga understands the theory and practices associated with developing training materials for adult learners that yield results. With over a decade of experience in the field, she has the ability to quickly understand new systems and subjects and translate them into digestible bites for any population she is teaching. See below for a specific list of technical skills and knowledge.


  • MS Office Suite including Excel
  • Blackboard, Moodle
  • Salesforce CRM and other CRM management tools, Slack
  • HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • Survey tools, including JMP and Qualtrics
  • Google Analytics and social media analytics

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    • Strategic marketing consultation
    • Small business brand development
    • Online brand development
    • Digital media marketing services
    • Success training for workforce professionals




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