Not a fan of social media?

Not a fan of social media?

Nowadays that can work against you. Friends, family, work and play all exists on social media. But if you missed the internet revolution – or just sat it out – getting into the game can be daunting. And it gets even worse when someone tries to teach you. So many teachers in tech classes and seminars assume you already have some basic knowledge under your belt, so they go a million miles a minute and leave you in the dust.

US to Work understands. That’s why we created ‘Simply Social’.

Simply Social is a hands-on seminar that eases you into the world of social media. We go over big sites like Facebook and Twitter, and we show you the newer ones like Pinterest and Instagram. Whether you’re just trying to keep up with the grand kids, or interested in expanding your business, Simply Social will help.

Contact Carol at or give us a call at 330-573-7953 to pre-register.

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